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Our internship vacancies

Internship in the Reception Departement

Spanish Work Exchange Programme offers a wide range of hotel internship vacancies in different departments. You can choose the perfect department for you depending on your education, skills and wishes.
In which department would you like to do your internship?

You like to apply for an internship?
– Send us an email to: administration@s-w-e-p.com

Public Relations
Paid internship europe_Department public relations

Marketing & Sales
internship vacancies, Internship Marketing & Sales Departement

Assistant Manager
Internship vacancies_Assistant Manager_paid internship Europe

Human Resources
Internships abroad Europe_Human Resources_Internship vacancies

Internship Administration Departement_Internship vacancies_Internships abroad Europe

internship vacancies, Internship Entertainment Departement

Kids Entertainment
Internship Kids Entertainment Departement, intership vacancies

Internship Restaurant/Bars Departement_internship abroad europe_vacancies

internship vacancies, internship Sports Department

Golf Caddy
Golf_Caddy_paid internship Europe

Spa & Wellness
internship vacancies, Internship Spa & Wellness Department

internship abroad europe_Housekeeping Department

internship vacancies, Internship Reservation Department

Reception Golf Club
internship vacancies, Internship in Reception Golf Club Departement

We are looking forward to receiving your application!
– Send us your CV to: administration@s-w-e-p.com

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Reception Spa
internship vacancies, Reception in the Spa & Wellness Department